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Can 500 daily Valtrex cause False Negative HIV Test Results?

Exposure unprotected vag sex 10 months ago. I’m female. He’s male. His HIV status unknown but rumored to be HIV+. I’ve tested negatives @ 4.5 mo 4th gen combo, 6 mo AB, 9 mo 4th gen combo and 9.5 RNA by PCA qualitative. 5 negative tests.  I have been on 500 Valtrex once daily for 8 yrs for Genital Herpes suppressive therapy.  I experienced early symptoms 2wks post exposure extreme itching vag and anus itching went away after diflucan but burning sensation has remained. Stiff neck headache never went away completely. Something has drastically changed. I have a CT to check for meningitis on Tue, just got report of STAPH B positive in urine, constant Peripheral Neuropathy, white tongue, headache, muscle aches, joint pain in left elbow. I know that tests results trump symptoms. Could the Valtrex be affecting my test results? I finally found a dr that is listening to me and is pretty perplexed by this. Do you know what else it could be? I’m praying it’s the staph B that has my body in disarray. I’ll start treatment for that on Monday.  I was the picture of health active and running daily before this encounter.
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As answered in the hijacked thread which was fully answered for you, you do not have HIV and therefore the referenced study is not relevant to you. That after many negative tests you are still continuing to research and need reassurance is indicative of anxiety. Quote from curfew's last post to you--- "Valtrex does not delay seroconversion or antibody detection. It *may* lower viral load, which has nothing to do with regular testing for HIV." You've tested conclusively negative. Your symptoms are not HIV related.  
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Thank you! I did not see it answered in the other thread but will go back and look for it.  Did I hijack a thread?  
We call it hijacking when someone begins to take over someone else's thread for their own questions. The quote I gave you is the quote from prior to your follow up question.  Basically, you are allowing anxiety to get in the way here rather than accepting your negative results. You don't have HIV and should move on from that worry. If you find you can't, that's time to do something more about your anxiety situation.
you're conclusively negative for hiv, and should move on from any more hiv thoughts and hiv googling. Good luck with the staph infection, and I hope your perplexed doctor finds a solution to resolve your health.
Thank both of you! I appreciate your time. Yes, my Strep B infection. I mistyped. May God Bless you

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