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Can 75 days 4th generation hiv 1& 2 ab /p24 ag non reactive test change

Before 77 days i have unprotected veginal sex it was 20 min for unprote ted veginal sex.i kissed her and sucked her nipples too. Leter on i found she may be hiv positive cause all friend of her and other people are saying she is hiv positive. After that new i am super worried, i am like fying inside to death. 75 days of exposer i took 4th generation hiv test (hiv 1&2 ab / p24 ag) and it came back negative.but i heard to conform 90 days . So i still need to conform 90 days ratio or my 75 days reasult seem conclusive. Please help me i have eat ,sleep do anything normal since the news.
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Your test was conclusively negative. You do not have HIV. The test that you took is conclusive anytime 28 days after exposure.
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Thank you for replying ..
But i went through net many time some one says it can turn positive in 90 days i am still in fear. Are my antibodies still not deacted till now and i will be deactable in 90 days .. m so confuse and nurvous ..i am feel the worst feeling of my life sins 70 days i am scared as hell
You need to stop reading other websites because you're making yourself sick over nothing. The test that you took is conclusive. You do not have HIV.
Angain thank you very much you reply means alot to me in this kind of situation of life.
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