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Can Asian People Get AIDS

can asian people have aids too or is it just african americans and whites?
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Of course Asian people can get HIV and AIDS.
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It doesn't matter what ethnic group one is in, they can get HIV.
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Yes. I used to know a boy from Cambodia with it...
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This is a crazy question.  Of course Asians can get HIV.  Wow.  Hope you haven't been basing your risk decisions on the fact that Asians can't.
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i thought i remember hearing they were less susceptible or something o well sorry to offend
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People on this forum can be very blunt, but I wouldn't worry that you offended anyone.  Asian people have a low incidence of AIDS but this isn't believed to be due to anything like a lower susceptibility.  The presence of AIDS in most Asian communities is much lower than African Americans or Whites.  I knew what you meant, hope this helps.
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It isn't that he/she was being offensive. He/she was being an idiot! That is not a logical question anyway that you look at it. He/she wrote it to sound stupid and did a very good job! That is the dumbest question ever written on this forum, and I think he/she wrote it that way on purpose just to get a response. If he/she wasn't trying to be offensive, he could wrote the question the way you did in response. He/she is an idiot. A uneducated person could have wrote the question better.
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Look, a lot of people post questions on this forum that sound stupid and this was by far not the most stupid one.  This goes to show you how little people know about the virus.  As for you, I suggest you actually look at the HIV numbers across the globe as far as race/nationality is concerned.  There is a HUGE disparity between Africans/African-Americans and many other races, Asians included.  Asians have one of the lowest HIV prevalences, and that could lead someone like dswinson23 to possibly think they were sort of protected against it.  I am a medical student and you would be amazed how little people actually know about the disease.  I know all about it and STILL worry about it.  At least people are having the courage to ask and get knowledge for themselves.  This is the first step in drastically reducing the number of new infections.  People like you turn possibly shy, non-knowledgeable people even further away and that is a huge detriment to everything this site is about.  If you stopped calling and making people feel stupid, maybe more people would be more comfortable in educating themselves about this terrible disease.  Thanks
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I am not clear on what do you mean about lower incidence in Asians?  Maybe in the US there is low prevalence in people of Asian decent - for social and cultural reasons, no doubt.  But HIV incidence is not low in places like Thailand or India, not by any means.  I wouldn't call any sincere question stupid, but this one was of a silly variety.
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In the United States, Asian people have one of the lowest incidences of HIV/AIDS.  Populations in Thailand who are sex workers have particularly high rates, but nowhere near as high as so many countries in Africa and the rapidly rising rates in the former Soviet Union.  Of course, the explanation is cultural and social, but not everyone comes to this conclusion.  Making people feel stupid and calling them silly will only make them less apt to educate themselves, so let's be a little more tolerant.  If there is a question you dislike, don't respond to it.  Also, while India is part of the continent of Asia, the cultural distinction of "Asian" generally excludes Indian, as the cultures of China, Japan, Thailand, and other more classically Asian countries are very different from Indian culture.  As such, the spread of HIV is somewhat socially and culturally isolated, as you said, and "Asians" should be better separated into their constituent countries, as distribution of infection more closely matches this.
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i am not questioning that many people may not know a lot about the disease. Read the persons title for the post and then the question one more time. My three year old niece would call him an idiot. That is not a normal question by any means. He is not asking if they are (sort of protected). He is asking a completely idiotic question.(can asian people have aids too or is it just african americans and whites?) I am not one to get upset over a dumb question. I also agree with a lot of your statements. But there is no one that dumb (especially if he can create a user name, and log onto the internet, and read a post, and post a question). I think it is a question that just has no need to be asked.
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Asian people dip their tool into a special medicine made of indian and chinese herbs that would kill the HIV at the gateway of urethra.... LOL........ That 's the only answer comes in my mind, answer is of the same quality as the question was.
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