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Can DIY(at home) derma rollers 1 mm needle cause HIV? How to sterilize before use?

HIV risk with DIY derma roller. How to sterilize it in case we are using it? How long can virus survive and infect another on such derma roller devices?
How long does HIV stay on the derma roller needle?
How to ensure it wont cause unnecessary health issues?
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HIV is not transmitted by ANY object.

HIV is transmitted by having unprotected intercourse and sharing intravenous needles.  There is NO OTHER way that a person will get HIV. Needles on a derma roller do not inject anything into your bloodstream and are not hollow-bore needles with a syringe.

HIV would remain infectious on a derma roller for zero minutes and zero seconds.
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Thank you so much for your response. I am at peace now. Thanks a bunch!
I hope its the same for other viruses like Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B.
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