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Can HIV affect just ONE side of your body..??

Yes, well i've experienced all these symptoms which are evidently HIV Anxiety related.
Fair enough, i keep getting told my exposure was not at risk.. but has there ever been someone suffering hiv on ONE side of the body?? Everything is happening on my right, burning sensation, mouth ulcers, muscle pain, weird cuts from no-where...meh, got my test results coming in 3 days, might as well do some HIV research,
Only request is teak and lizzie DONT reply with 'you had no risk shut up' please.
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yeah me as well but left side for me muscle pain,joint pain,rash,tingling hand and leg,left side neck node swelling.all on left side but not sure thats hiv related coz at 4.5 months i m neg wil get test at 6 month as well hope results dnt change plz post ur results as well
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6 month = negative.
thank.god. :)
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Both of you don't have HIV. See a Dr. HIV is not your concern.
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