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Can HIV be Picked up in Plasma?

The guy that I did stuff with claims to be a repeat Plasma Donor. He hasnt been back in 2 months reason being he has a job now. I was wondering if they would pick up HIV. Also he went to CSl Plasma which does NAT/PCR test on all Plasma donations. I asked him he was ever notified of anything unusual and he said he wasnt. So my question is would they contact him if he did have HIV?
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Yes,they would contact him if he was Hiv+.
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So would they be able to detect HIV in the Plasma Donation? If i understand it Plasma is what carries the Blood cells. So if there was any infection there would be Antibodies in it am i correct?
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Yes,they would be able to detect small particles of the virus.That's what the NAT test does.It is used to screen donations and can detect early infection.
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Well I did try and see if he was Banned they need his Social Security Number. Which i do not have. I sound nuts probably but if you were in my shoes you probably be doing the same.
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I would just rely on my test results and not worry about anyone elses.
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Well its a good idea to know if they do have HIV before you go unless you want to have the **** shocked out of you. I rather test knowing my status. Then not knowing. Hence me going back with this person and asking him questions regarding his HIV status. He claims to be HIV Negative. I just hope hes telling me the truth.
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Yes, he would be notified if his test was + as a result of the donation.

I'm unclear as to what you are trying to do with his SS#?  What kind of info are you trying to obatin?

From all of your posts and questions...I would strongly recommend some professional counselling.  This has become an obsession to you.
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I hear what you're saying but unless you see his results on paper are you really going to believe what he tells you.I think your results are what counts.
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Your totally correct about that. You cant really trust anyone.
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