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Can HIV enter underneath fingernails? I’m paranoid

3 weeks ago I had sex with a CSW worker , I used protection, i saw the condom intact because I saw my sperm inside when I removed it. I’m just super scared because I fingered the sex worker. Can HIV get inside underneath my fingernails? could there have been a tiny hole in the condom that cause me to have HIV? I didn’t used Prep because I thought I had no risk but I felt heart pain 7 days after and also have been urinating frequently now ? I’m super scared
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No Risk - Since you used the condom and it did not break. Fingering  - is not considered as a risk . If the condom was intact during the full course of intercourse then no testing is recommended. Thank you.
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You are anxious, please  do stuff now that will make you feel relaxed. I usually take a break from bars and drinking and concentrate more on work and sports during anxious times.  
Thank you for your advice , I’m extremely anxious. I have to take a 4th generation test  just to make sure but I’m afraid
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You had no risk. HIV is only spread by unprotected anal or vaginal sex and by sharing IV drug injection needles. Exposure to any body fluids exposed to the environment is not a risk because HIV does not survive outside the body.
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Let’s say I didn’t cleaned myself right, can the vaginal fluid that could possibly had remain on my underwear still infect me if it touch the head of my penis
I don't understand your concern. I provided the only ways that a person can be infected with HIV and told you specifically why you didn't have a risk. There's nothing more that I can say except that you should address this with your therapist.
I’m sorry I’m just super worried about the episode, for a piece of mind I will get tested when I find the courage and will share my results. Thanks for all you guys do
One last question, Can tingling outside my testicles be cause due to anxiety or is this an HIV symptom ?
Since you were never exposed to HIV, obviously this issue has nothing to do with HIV.
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You used a condom for a reason. Move on buddy. No HIV.
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I want to believe but I’m so afraid, I’m already seeking therapy and counseling
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