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Can I be at ease by my HIV test results?

Hello Dr.

After a protected sex and unprotected oral sex with a prostitute.

I took RT-PCR test at day 8 and shows no RNA detected (< 100 copies/ml), after that I took Alere 4th gen Ag/Ab Combo Rapid test at day 29 and 43 both result in negative.

I wondered are my test results conclusive?
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Absolutely conclusive and an undetected NAT should not come as a surprise to any one here because neither oral sex nor protected sex is a risk for HIV transmission. You were never exposed, your test was unnecessary.

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Thank you very very much, I felt better after reading the answer
But if I do exposed, can these test still show I'm conclusive negative?
There is no point in doing what-ifs any further, you didn't possess a risk and that implies no testing. Please see a therapist for your anxiety.

Please accept the support offered to you, we have already established that you were never at risk, your concerns don't belong here any more since this forum is specific to HIV prevention only.
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I agree that you had no risk at all and it is time to move on from this anxiety.
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