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Can I contract HIV from an Oraquick Test?

I recently took an over the counter, Oraquick HIV test. I took the test and it was negative.
When disposing of the test, I accidentally touched the test stick window and the swab. Also, when putting the cap back on the liquid some of it spilled on my hand where I have cuts because of the extremely dry and cold weather where I am, AND I bite my nails.
I was reading and it says the test contains:
- 1 Test Stick, containing a nitrocellulose membrane with adsorbed HIV-1 and
HIV-2 synthetic peptides and goat anti-human IgG, and a pad containing a
blocking agent and protein-A colloidal gold
- 1 Test Tube, containing 1 mL of a phosphate buffered saline solution with
polymers and an antimicrobial agent

Can I contract HIV from the stick or the tube?!

I was at ease but now am kind of scared....HELP!
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Well that would be headline news, wouldn't it?  People actually getting HIV from an HIV test kit?!  No, can't happen.  You can't touch things and get HIV because the virus is inactivated in air.  So, a test kit, even in the super off chance wasn't brand new (and it is)---  could not contaminate you by your simply touching it.  The ONLY ways people get HIV is by having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles.  
Thank you! I read that there are HIV peptides in the test stick and that got me worried! I don't know what they are....
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