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Can I get HIV by a fingernail scratch?

So this is a weird situation but a friend of an unknown HIV status squeezed my cheek quite hard and her fingernail somehow scratched part of my mouth from the inside. Since she bites her nails, there might have been blood on them that could've come in contact with the cut she made on my mouth. Two weeks post this I developed joint and muscle aches all over my body, and diarhea (although only once, than the stool was back to normal). Do you think I should take a HIV test or I'm just being paranoid as usual when it comes to the disease? Thank you.
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No. You don't need to test. No risk.
Thank you! :)
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I agree that this was not a risk.  The ways that adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Air inactivates the virus.  Touching someone's finger nail or that finger nail nicking your mouth will not expose you to HIV.  So, no worries.  
Thank you so much. But is it still a no risk even if she had a fresh blood underneath from biting her nails?
That does not change a thing.  This is not how someone gets HIV.  Zero risk.  period.
Thank you. Deep inside me, I know it's a no risk. It's just that I have a phobia of getting HIV for years now, and I'm getting tested few times per year over banal situations as this one. This time I decided - no more testing, no matter my mind is playing games. Once again, thank you so much :)
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