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Can I get HIV from Oral

About 2 years ago I gave and received oral from 2 guys, different lengths of time for each, but with no ejaculation, don’t remember Precum but could have happened.
The 2nd said he was hiv negative, but I didn’t ask the first.
I have no symptoms but want some professional advice about potential risk?
A lot of the posts on this are from 6-8 years ago and want to know if the advice has changed?
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Oral, giving or receiving, either is not a risk for HIV transmission. Testing is not recommended.
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The only ways that adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  Both these cases of oral sex, giving or receiving are not a risk for HIV transmission.  
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Test today, pretty scared. I know it’s low risk but can’t help but be a bit frightened. For some reason I have what can only be described as having a “furry gums” sensation.
It's not "low" risk, it's no risk.  You have no reason to be scared and will get a negative result.  Again, review how people get HIV and you will see you didn't engage in activity that is a risk.  
Dude how's the results? Im in your position too right now
No one has tested positive from an oral encounter so you are actually in all of their positions.
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Thank you so much, it happened 2 years ago but started worrying about infecting my gf, thank you
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I hope that last post means that you are able to accept the advice and move on. Everyone posts here about their tongue or gums thinking it means hiv, but none of them actually had hiv since I've been here and most are like you without a risk. You can call your dentist about gum issues.
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