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Can I get HIV from Unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex?

Hi. I(male) received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker who has dental braces. She used mouthwash about 10 min earlier before performing oral sex. Does mouthwash clear the properties of saliva that kill or disturb HIV infection. If she has STIs in her mouth, easy to pass HIV? I did use condom properly and consistently. I got rashes after 2 days. I got rashes immediately after I found out the fact that oral sex has risk of HIV. I was too scare and my body was too hot and red. Then I got rashes(itchy, burning and tingling) I scratched as they are itchy then I got hives on whole body including face. Whenever I got emotion or scare the hives appear again. The hives left me after 2 days. I got diarrhoea(not often). I felt like I am weak. I got muscle twitching. on 9th day I got nasal dripping, itchy throat, and flu like symptoms(no fever). I feel like swollen lump nodes in my armpit. I am worrying constantly. I keep thinking about this from the morning to the night. I am really scared as I got symptoms. Please help.
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

No one has EVER been infected from receiving oral sex, even if some sites list it as a theoretical risk.  If you don't do any of the activities I listed above, you will never have to worry about getting HIV.

Your hives sound like an allergy. An itchy rash isn't a symptom of HIV, and in any case, you had NO RISK for HIV. You should see a doctor about your medical issues if you are concerned, but they have nothing to do with HIV.
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I had sex in Malaysia. Does prostitution industry never use condom for oral sex as there is no risk of HIV? Any positive case reported from u protected oral sex and protected vaginal sex( No failure). I lost 1 kg  in 10 days. Is this one of the symptoms? I did go and see doctor and she said I am at high risk. She asked me to take the test.
You have copied the advice and put a question mark after it. Reread it instead, then you can move on.
Your doctors are probably told by your hiv paranoid government in your country to lie and tell people that it is high risk.
I believe you guys but I am having symptoms like runny nose and white tongue right now. I am now confused. The fact or chances are low but the symptoms are there. Are you guys are specialists or just people with experience?
No, you don't believe us, or you would move on, instead of asking the same questions and repeating the same things over and over.
You have no medical training and google didn't allow you to become a doctor, however you only believe your own ideas which makes ZERO sense. You're wasting your time looking at your tongue which was likely white before - are you not aware there are other causes for white tongue, or is it just your hiv fixation that makes you think your tongue proves hiv?.

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