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Can I get HIV from a kiss?

I am really worried and don't know what to do.. I had unprotected gay sex 7 months ago, I wasnt really afraid as the guy said he is "clean" after 5 months I got alot of symptoms that I never got! I had a severe stomach pain, diarrhea, extreme fatigue that I couldnt move for 2 weeks, night sweats, pain with urinitaion, stomache gasses and penis white bumps that doctors dont know what is it and most of them say it "may be fordyce spots" but it appeared with this illness, Went to the hospital and did multiple cbc tests and urine tests, my lymphocytes where high between 60% ~ 68%, liver enzymes where also high and elevated, I had a little amount of blood in urine and ketones but with no infection, I also did a MRI, xray, ultra sound for my kidney and back, every thing was normal, lastly I did an hepatitis tests a,b,c that came back negative but I had a fatty liver, after some days of pain I went and the doctor orderd an esophugus endoscopy and it was normal I just had mild acid reflux, I took some medication and I didnt get better tell a month, every thing was Ok and then I decided to take an hiv 4th generation test and it came back negative, one more month and did it again and it was also negative, after the tests and medication I felt fine, but I had this chronic dihareha when I eat letuce or some foods, and pain in urine and ejaculation when masturbating, and mild swollen lymph node in side of my neck, I forgot about HIV and returned to my study's and every thing was alright, but last week I went to a friend party, and kissed a random girl, my lips are chapped and I always remove the dry skin because Im always nervous, she only pulled my lower chapped lips with her lips, and when I felt her saliva I moved back, 2 days later I knew she was HIV postive and not on any medication!!!! Im really worried and dont know what to do! I also cant sleep and Im having a lot of night sweats, I know I am acting like a child because I put my self at risk twice, Im also having sucidal thoughts, because of the swollen lymph nodes and night sweats! Please help, doctors in my country arent well informed about HIV.

1, Are these symptoms from my last unprotected exposure?

2. Is kissing a risk and can I get infected if I have chapped lips from 5 hours maybe?

3. Do I need to test? because I feel unconfortabel waiting for my tests result because every test is sent to England

4. If yes, what tests do I need Im not sexually active, my first sex was that unprotected one and I wont have sex because sex = illness
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1. we dont use symptoms for diagnosing HIV only tests
2. kissing is zero risk for hiv
3. not for kissing
4. testing for hiv using the DUO test at 28 days post exposure is conclusive and testing at the 3 months mark is also conclusive.
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Cant you comment on my cbc? And do I need a test If my only exposure was kissing with a small cut in my lip
no you dont need testing and cbc mean a complete blood test which is not related to STD so i cant comment on those tests
I really appreciate you for answering, but my cbc tests are not normal as I mesioned above, is it because of any STD? And do I need a retest for Hep b&c? And what about the painful ejaculation
Testing for std,s are test specific and acutally find the infection like HIV, gona and such. You can test for hep but thats a blood exposure issue and is not common. Gay anal sex (other than HIV) is more a risk for things like E-Coli which is bacterial from feses.
Thank you, I was the top, negative after 6 months so I guess no need for any other test as I understood from you, again thanks!
Thank you, as I said  I had no infection, I think this is a prostate problem.. Although im only 19
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Any one here?
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