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Can I get HIV from sucking on a Stripper's nipples after other people?

I went to a strip club a few days ago and two strippers got me to suck on their nipples (no breast milk) and now I am worried that I could have possibly got exposed to HIV from any potential residual fluid from previous men that was with them. Is that possible or am I overreacting?
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You are overreacting. No risk situation. HIV can be only spread through unprotected vaginal / anal intercourse or sharing needles with other users to inject drugs.
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Thank you very much for the reply. That will put my mind at rest. Just for a final confirmation. Any possible HIV infected sperm residue on her breasts would not be a risk to me in getting HIV through my mouth during the sucking? Thanks
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No, no possibility to your proposed scenario of hiv sperm residue on her breast causing HIV.  Air inactivates the virus as does saliva.  As mike_no states, the only way to get HIV is to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles.  So, you were safe and had zero risk.
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Thank you for that reply. I have read online that it is possible to get HIV through oral sex when ejaculation occurs with a HIV positive person. Is that different because the HIV and sperm is not exposed to air, sweat and saliva like in my situation? Thanks
You can read anything online - some people say kissing causes hiv but have you ever heard of that happening?
Mike's advice about the 3 is all you need to know. Every time you wonder if some activity or a rephrased version of an activity is a risk for hiv remember those 3 and the answer will be apparent including now, since oral is not one of the 3.
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