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Can I get a clear answer, please?

I went to watch a movie with a woman and I touched her breasts and nipples with my index finger and middle finger on right hands many times during the movie. I felt moist on her nipples, but I am not too sure what kind of liquid that was on her nipple. It might be sweat or her milk. one or two minutes later after I touched her breasts and nipples the last time during the movie. I went to restroom to pee. I just rinsed my fingers with water before I peed. I did not use any sanitizers or soap. Then I start peeing. I used my right hands that touched her breasts to hold my penis. My index finger was really close to my urethral orifice. I have redundant prepuce and I always rolled up my prepuce a little when I pee. My prepuce rolls back when I get my hands off my penis.The pee was around or less one minute long.

I know that the sweat is risk-free, but If I touched her milk or blood when my fingers was on her nipple, then my index finger and middle finger contacted my glans and urethra. Does this pose any risk? Do I need to take a hiv test?
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You've been informed by us several times. The information hasn't changed.  We've already told you what are risks and you bring up non risks.  Remember what the risks are? ONE more reminder.  UNprotected vaginal or anal intercourse (penetration required with penis) and sharing IV drug needles.  If you didn't do those things, you didn't risk HIV.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.
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The woman is not a prostitute, but I do not know her personal life. We did not have actual sex or oral sex.
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