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Can I get hiv from sharing a cigarette?

I smoke with 6 friends, when I went back home I realised my lips have a cut and it’s chapped, the environment was so dark that I can’t see the cigarette was with blood, if my friend has a bleeding lip and there was blood on the cigarette, is it possible that he will transmit hiv to me? There was a 5seconds interval before cigarette was passed to me. And I took about 10 puffs.
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As it has already been said, this is not how people get HIV. Please keep in mind the ONLY things you need to worry about with regards to getting hiv which are if you have unprotected vaginal sex with penetration or unprotected anal sex with penetration (meaning no condom) or sharing IV needles to inject drugs.  Air and saliva both inactivate the virus.  You will never get hiv from sharing a cig.  This is a non risk
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Does sharing a bong with chapped and cut lips transmit hiv?
"The only non-sexual risk for hiv is quickly sharing a hollow needle that....."
Therefore unless there is a hollow needle in the bong that you are sharing to inject with, there is no risk.
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The only non-sexual risk for hiv is quickly sharing a hollow needle that you used to inject with because the hiv inside is protected from the air and might be alive but there is no needle involved when you smoke a cigarette.
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No, that's not even remotely possible. Every year billions of people over the 40 years of hiv history have been cut and bleeding on others or touching them but no one ever got hiv this way.
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Blood on cigarette and touched my cut, no risk at all?
You asked that already.
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