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Can I move on with these negative results?

I am male and had unprotected sex with a woman I dont know.  Used an std testing service. Hiv rna negative at 12 days and 4th gen negative at 22 days.
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RNA test is not meant to be diagnostic, and the 4th generation test needs to be taken at 28 days (or anytime thereafter) to be considered conclusive.  However, chances are high that you do not have HIV given the negative RNA.
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Thanks.  What is the rna test used for?  I read it looks for the virus itself.
It does.  It has some false positives, and also, the timing of the detection of the virus itself can vary.  So, maybe 12 days was long enough, and maybe it wasn't.  Unless the person you were with was confirmed HIV+, this would not be an event that personally concerned me enough to test further.
Thanks.  I know the odds, math etc. say extremely low chance but the brain is a jerk.
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