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Can I trust the test results?

About 3 months ago I had an encounter with a male sex worker. I was drunk but I am quite sure a condom was used. I bled a lot being the reciever. 15 days after I had the p24 test and it is negative. 5 weeks later I did hiv 1/2 eclia and it was negative. My worry is that 5 weeks after it is not 100% sure. Since then myself and my wife have been persistently ill with colds, coughs and flu. Should we be worried?
I appreciate your help.
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no risk, you used a condom. also, the symptoms do not just continue to go on forever from ARS. if you're really "not sure " if you wore a condom, take a 4th gen duo test for a conclusive result, or another third gen at 12 weeks, which you are probably at or close since you said three months ago. if he used a condom on you,  zero risk.
Thank you for your reassuring words.  The problem with being drunk is the unsurety of condom use. Also being married.
Your Eclia was a 4th gen test so you are conclusively negative. You interact with others who cough germs on your lips and door knobs so flu is to be expected at any time. Your wife might have given you the cough so you are wasting your time thinking about that. Don't tell her about this episode otherwise she will likely join you with HIV anxiety for no reason.
Thank you for the advice. I appreciate it.
AnxiousNoMore, thanks for the correction on the gen test that was taken.
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