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Can You Eat or Drink Before Taking an HIV test?

Very quick question:  I took an oral swab test for HIV the other day and I vaguely remember taking a sip of my soda 5-10 minutes before I did the test (I was a bit nervous!).  Would this in any way affect the validity of my result?  I've been seeing conflicting information on the web about this.  One website (AIDS action committee) says you shouldn't eat, drink, or smoke 20 minutes before the test, another website says 1-2 hours, and others say it doesn't matter at all.  What's the deal?  Would I need to test again?
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It doesn't matter. You just don't want food on your gums that will get on the blotter.
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Thanks Teak.  When you say food you're talking about big noticeable chunks of it right?  Not small or microscopic amounts?  Sorry for the silly questions!  Just want to make sure I don't have to go through with a test again...
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