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Can a broken condom stay in one piece?

As per title — I’m having a hard time finding an answer anywhere.

I know generally when a condom breaks, it’s catastrophic / torn apart.

But what if some of us failed to check while it’s on the penis? Say if it broke and we take it off ... when we hold it (from the base), will it still be in one piece or will it be broken all over?

The reason why I’m so fixated is because I had a change in condom and came in that (saw the fluid being held up in the condom), but have doubts on the first condom as we changed it out when I was going half erect.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!
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You would know if a condom broke.  That's all we can tell you - this is an HIV forum, and not a condom integrity forum.  There's no point in trying to find a way to make your event into a risk for HIV.  You didn't have a risk.
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Hey, thanks for the quick reply and clarification. And sorry for posting in the wrong forum.

And it is because I am unable to identify / confirm is what making me anxious now.

Full story  —https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/HIV-Risk---Suspect-Broken-Condom---Please-Assess-/show/3050456

Perhaps you can shed some light please? Anxiety is through the roof over this.
I read your full story.  You're imagining a condom break that didn't happen.  Again, this is a group for medical questions relating to HIV, and you were advised that you had no risk.  There's no such thing as "small holes" that would put you at risk, and your penis head was clearly covered.

You didn't need PEP and you don't need to test.  There's nothing to say beyond that, as we don't offer anxiety support services here.
Yes I am prone to overreact / anxiety. It was my first visit (hence the magnification with guilt) after all, plus a little bit influenced on alcohol.

Thank you for your feedback, really appreciate it.  
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