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Can a positive Ana test result related to Hiv?

I have had sex with csw in the past year and I  have always had protected vaginal sex. However, I might have 2 possible exposure, although the chance is quite low ( see my post history).

The problem is recently I did an ana test with my rheumatologist  due to joint pain and the result came back highly positive. Can it be because of I’ve gotten hiv? I originally planned to have a yearly routine std test next month. Should I be concerned about this and have the std test as soon as possible? Thanks in advance!
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I want to add that my ana level is high.
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The only tests that will tell you whether you have HIV or not are HIV tests. They specifically look for HIV. Any other tests look for completely different things in the blood and are not related at all. That's why any test that is not an HIV test will not be an indication of one's HIV status.
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Cow, I agree with Chima. They specifically test with HIV and other tests do not give you answers.  They test for other things.  Don't allow your anxiety to cause this type of unclear thinking.  
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