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Can hiv be resistant to all 3 components of atripla?

Good day all. I am taking atripla as pep. I am reading scary stuff that hiv could be resistant to are drugs. Is it possible that the hiv strain could be resistant to all 3 components of atripla rendering it useless? Two components are the same as truvada.
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I've not seen studies showing that HIV is resistant to PEP.  In your case, it wouldn't matter anyway since it appears you are taking as a placebo, as you never had a risk for HIV.
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You have a real risk of Covid which you ignore, so your priorities are misplaced when you worry about hiv which you can't get.
Sorry guys. I understood everything you mentioned and the logic behind everything.  I truly appreciated the reassurance. This was my only risky exposure in my life so I was extra worried. So I said just as a precautionary measure ill take pep in the unlikely even that it turns out bad for me I knew I did all that I could
No it is not ... risky exposure. It is zero risk which obviously is different, so you do not " understood everything you mentioned and the logic behind everything."

I'm not sure why you keep asking for advice when you haven't accepted anything you were told. Every time we tell you the facts, you say "No, I know better so I will disregard your advice."
Apologies again guys, just paranoid.
Focus on the fact that it is zero risk yet you are still paranoid, anxious. Would anxiety then be the problem here?  Work on that and you may start to feel better. Anxiety is treatable.
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