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Can hiv be transmitted

I was eating fruit that has hiv infected blood on it, i didn't realize until after I have eaten almost half of it, that was when I noticed that the blood was from my friend who is hiv positive, cos he's the one that gave me the fruit, am I at risk because I have a sore on my mouth
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I am certain that you have seen the same answer on your other threads with regards to how HIV is transmitted and that this poses zero risk.  HIV is only transmitted in adults from having unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse with penetration or sharing IV drug needles. You can not eat HIV.  HIV is inactivated by air and saliva.  So, fruit is not a means of transmission.  This answer applies to all of your future queries that are anxiously derived.
But I have open cut in my mouth, is it not possible for virus to get into my body through the open cut?
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Nope. Virus doesn't live long outside body and not it is not present in high concentration either. There has been no case of hiv transmission occuring in the manner you describe and it never will.
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This is not a rational question. This is not how HIV is spread. The routes of transmission are clear and this is not one of them. Unless you have unprotected anal or vaginal sex with your friend or unless you share IV drug needles with your friend, you will never get HIV from any other activities with your friend. If this is a true friend of yours, you owe them the benefit of educating yourself on this disease so that you do not alienate him or make him feel like some kind of pariah on account of your ignorance about this.
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