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Can hiv be transmitted thru fellatio?

What if your penis is being suck by a possible hiv contracted person. Is there possibility of being infected? I dont hav sore that time. What if she had?
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People don't get HIV from oral sex.  Saliva has enzymes in it that inactivate the virus and air also inactivates the virus.  There are no documented cases of HIV through oral sex as it just doesn't happen.  So, you had no risk at all. The way that adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles.  So, move on as this was not an hiv risk.
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What makes me anxious are the symptoms like rashes, fatigue, skin abcess. But i dont have fever and other symptoms. Do you think its a different health problem?
HIV is not diagnosed by symptoms, but it doesn't matter because we have all told you that you're not at risk. We are only here to answer HIV related questions, if you have any health concerns please see your dr. I think part of your problem may be due to anxiety.
Its just a common illness do you think?
Yes, it is obvious. You don't have HIV, therefore it is not due to HIV. No one here, including yourself can diagnose your rash so so see doc instead of fixating on the wrong disease just because you had sex.
Do you think this is just a physical effect of anxiety?
No one here, including yourself can diagnose your rash so so see doc.
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there is zero risk.
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No risk
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