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Can hiv symptoms occur 2 months after possible exposure

Please help. So I took an oraquick at 8 weeks after possible exposure and it was negative. Then, a day later a canker sore came out of no where I have never had a canker sore along with swollen lymph nodes in next and a slight sore throat please help!! Would I need to test again? And how often does results change from a negative to a positive after 9 weeks
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Your eight week test was highly reassuring and very highly unlikely to change otherwise, but not conclusive for the assessment after a real risk situation. What was your risk.
It was with my ex like 30 seconds of unprotected penetration don’t have anything o actually prove he is infected just anxious. So should I retest since I have a canker sore in my mouth. Weird things have just been happening ? Could it be my anxiety?
So you think my 8 weeks test is conclusive?
No.  Oraquick isn't conclusive until 12 weeks post-exposure.  However, it is highly unlikely to change.  If you go to a clinic and get a 4th generation test, it will be conclusive any time now and hereafter.
Thank you I appreciate it
", just wait 4 weeks more until 12 weeks, and go test yourself with DUO TEST ,"
No, in 4 more weeks she can use any test for a conclusive result.
But my results will probably be negative right?
Took an oraquick at 10 weeks it came back negative. But, does are symptoms happen after 8 weeks does anyone know
It was purposeless to take that test early.
Hello everyone I just want to tell y’all that my insti rapid test was negative!!!! Despite all the symptoms
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Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV as only tests are used.  The fact that this happened with your EX (a known person who most certainly does not have HIV---  or at least it is highly unlikely) and a one time occurrence which is low risk, you should expect negative on any test you take.  12 weeks is the appropriate time to take an oraquick test.
Thank you Guitarrox, i feel a little better!!
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