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Can it be HIV positive?

I am so depressed. 8 weeks ago I had 3 minute vaginal intercourse with SW, when my condom broke. I pulled out right away and did not continue. I tested at 6 weeks with PCR HIV-1 test negative, then I tested at 7 weeks with antibody HIV-1 and HIV-2 negative. I've had caugh for 6-7 weeks, now it seems disappearing. But now my wife got flu, and I did have sex with her 2 weeks after possible exposure. She has sore throat, runny nose, and diarrhea. It is killing me, I almost accepted here that I and my wife are HIV+ ...
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ive been there.. you dont have it...
the pcr and antibody at 6 weeks is exceptional...
it is a valid test despite what some may say...
and anyway an antibody at 6 weeks is 80-90 % accurate...
your fine... put it in the back of your mind live your life dont do it again and if you still cant get over it.. get a antibody at 10-12 weeks and you will be difinitive.. eventhough you already are.
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you dummy had sex with sex worker and put wife at risk dam you should of told her. i did the same but  i felt to much guilt not to tell my wife. now look what you done luckliy for you you and her just have whats going around risk from female to male for hiv is 1 in 1000
now both you and your wife might need testing goodluck telling her now you messed up big time buddy
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I know I messed up big time, I do regret it and it is killing me. I don't worry about me, as much as I worry about her ...
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yes it would but now she will take it much harder you put her at risk oh boy
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Thank you very much guys for your responses, it really calms me down. For the last 8 weeks I've been through hell ... and still can not stop thinking that it is HIV+ ... when I get deep into work, I feel better, as soon as I get home, I start feeling the pressure. Before I go to bed, I already believe that I am HIV+, and my wife is too, and that my good life is going to end very very soon ...
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Most everyone on this forumhas been where you are now. I too had stepped outside of my marriage and mae a one time stupid mistake. It will consme you if yo let it and I don't mean HIV. Rather guilt and remorse. its a wicked thing.The mind will run away with you with symptoms. So take some hard learned avice and do not read any symptoms on the internet.  Your mind and body is capable of manifesting every one of them. Forgive yourself and come clean with your wife. Get tested at the 3 mos mark and be happy with your result. Your neg so far is very encouraing een though to you right ow it feels like anything but. It really is. Breathe and remind yourself your ok Your wife is fine she more than likely has the flu its that time of the year. Hang in there!!
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