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Can pneumonia before 20 years causes to show hiv test result negative in 3 months?

Hello sir and medam.. i did my hiv test in 90 day after exposer it came back negative the 4th gen test. But i wonder can it be negative even if it is positve i had pneumonia when i was a child before 25 years ago. So my question is can that stage of pneumonia make my immune supressed till now to show the result negative even its positive? Please can you guide me about it and pneumonia causing sero conversion?
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NO.  It is long past time for you to stop looking for reasons that your tests aren't accurate and conclusive.  You tested conclusively negative before, and this test is also conclusively negative.  Stop testing -  you don't have HIV.
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As I stated in your previous post, you tested conclusively negative. You do not have HIV. You should've moved on and put this behind you by now. If you're unable to accept your negative results, please seek out counseling offline to help you overcome your irrational thoughts.
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Your question was already answered by our members that your tests were conclusive and this indicates you do not have HIV.  We wish you the best.

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