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Can receiving oral sex and giving oral sex make you HIV positive?

Hello. Well im in a rut. I allowed myself to receive oral sex without a condom and also return the favor. I think that I have been having symptoms. Swollen lymph nodes (very small and almost unnoticeable to touch and they seem to be change.g locations), small sores in mouth (one healed in a day)and one red spot on the inside of my cheek. No fatigue, rash, fever, flu like symptoms etc.I took a rapid HIV test 18 days after possible exposure. It came back negative. My question is that I know that I can't accept that result as final. I just would like to know if possible is there a percentage from studies that can possibly tell me what are the odds that those are correct? Please help.
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No you aren't experiencing hiv symptoms since you had no HIV risk and it doesn't matter if he was positive so any test was a waste of time. You don't have any medical training so likely don't know what lymph are supposed to feel like, so should avoid irritating sore spots.

HIV is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities. It doesn't matter if you and they were actively bleeding or had cuts at the time either because the HIV is effectively dead. If he was positive then he kissed with dead virus, and dead is final as you know.

Only adult risks are the following:
1. unprotected penetrating vaginal
2. unprotected penetrating anal sex
3. sharing needles that you inject with. Knowing these 3 are all you need to know to protect yourself against HIV. Your situation is a long way from any of these 3.
Even with blood, lactation, cuts, rashes, burns, etc the air or the saliva does not allow inactivated virus to infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities. The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established so there is no detail that you can add that will make any of your encounter a risk for HIV.  No one in 40 years of HIV history got HIV from the situation you are concerned about so it is unlikely that it will happen in the next 40 of your lifetime either.
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Sorry, ignore this part because it is a bunch of typos. "If he was positive then he kissed with dead virus, and dead is final as you know."

Hi AnxiousNoMore, please excuse me by kidnapping this thread, but I have been reading and that is your answer usually, when asked in this forum for oral sex.

Could you please tell me, why do you consider air and saliva as agents that inactivate the virus? Do you have any study or link, in regards to the air or could you better explain how the biology of hiv transmission works?

Thank you very much, it will be of great help to all.
Hi Lpertuzw -

Because this is hijacking this thread, moderation is going to handle this.

Here are some links that may help you:

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9989543 - saliva and HIV.


There has never been research on how long HIV survives outside the body (there are way too many variables - how much blood, how much virus in the blood, the conditions of the environment, etc.), but it does need a human host to live. However, we do know that no one has gotten HIV from exposure to blood outside of the body on a surface, etc. (They can from sharing needles, medical exposures, and the like, though.)



AnxiousNoMore and other members use information from these studies, the CDC and our experts when answering questions.

Thank you Moderator, I will read them and I will understand better.

Pd: The ncbi link is broken.
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Anxiousnomore isn't the only one who gives that information as most of the people who are knowledgeable on MedHelp give that answer.  This is what HIV experts believe.  And to date, not a single documented case of HIV from oral sex has occurred.  Not one.  We are not really responsible for explaining biology  but are giving you the information to accept or not.  But Oral sex is not a risk beyond theoretical which means it is not something doctors are concerned about or believes will happen.  Saliva has enzymes in it that inactivate the HIV virus.  With regards to air, HIV is a very weak virus and must be in a controlled environment to survive.  It dies in air.  Period.

HIV is much harder to get than people who ask questions here usually think.  .  


Ok, thanks for that. I understand it very well, only that I have read it multiple times and therefore I assume that they must have some proof of it or they should have read it from somewhere, I do not think they have invented it. I just wanted to know what is your foundation to say it?

Again, thank you very much. They have been very kind.
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Sorry, got side tracked---  to the person asking about their exposure, oral sex is not a risk as said.  The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles, so this wasn't a risk.  Good news!  Use condoms!
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