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Can u get hiv from bleeding cold sore

3days back i kissed a guy  without noticing his cold sore and  during kissing his sore bled   And  when i go home i found my lips are bruised i dunno if there is cut !!  There is a superficial crack in my lower lip he was kissing roughly   ?? Wat is the chance of catching hiv or any other serious disease ? Plz help am panicing
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No, you absolutely can't get HIV from a bleeding cold sore, or bleeding lips, or kissing.  HIV does not transmit via small amounts of blood and small cuts and scrapes that do not require emergency medical attention.

The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

If you don't do either of those activities with someone whose HIV status is unknown to you, or who is HIV+, you will NEVER have to worry about HIV.  

There are no serious diseases that I can think of that are transmitted via kissing or via a cold sore.  If you have never gotten cold sores, that might be transmitted to you, but those are just annoying, not serious.
Oh thank u  i have some anxiety issues and i've asked  a genitourinary disease specialist   She told me if his blood got in to ur cut or gum  there is a risk   And at that time i remember his oouzed blood get in to my lips and mouth .. ive been 2 days without sleep
Millions and millions of people kiss while having cuts or scrapes, or cold sores, and no one gets HIV that way.
Thank u so much god bless u
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