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Can vaginal secretion on outer condom infect hiv if contact with penis?

I had protected sex with an older csw at an Asian Spa 19 days ago. After climax I immediately ejected and condom was in tact and did not come off or anything. About 30secs to 1min later, the csw removes the condom but about 3/4 of the way off slides it back down on accident which means I got vaginal secretion on my penis from the outer part of the condom. After taking the condom off successfully she wipes my penis off with towels. I did not showers until the next day. Am I at risk for HIV infection? I started having severe anxiety after a few days thinking about the situation and had symptoms such as aching knee and elbow and lightheaded and dizziness,  as well as lack of sleep, change in bowel movements, and sweating more than usual but no fever or flu-like symptoms. I’m thinking these are all anxiety related since I have a history of it.
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You weren't at risk for transmission, usage of condom ensured your safety, urethra was covered at all time during intercourse, that was intended application of condom and it did that efficiently.

First up, assuming CSW is HIV positive is a product of assumption, which directly points towards anxiety, since you know that you suffer from irrational fear caused due to anxiety, it wouldn't be a bad idea to see a therapist and treat the real cause of concern which offcourse isn't HIV but maybe OCD though.

HIV can't infect outside of body, thereby having body fluid touching some part of your penis is not going to infect you as it can't miraculously crawl up into the tip of your penis, even if it somehow does, it wouldn't be able to infect since contact with the outside environment would render it infectious.

All your symptoms are probably psychosomatic, there is no real cause of concern. Please do consider seeing a therapist, refrain from reading about HIV and it's symptoms on the internet to avoid making things worse for your mind.

Testing is not recommended.
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Thank you so much Mike! I appreciate your timely and thorough response.
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mike_no gives excellent information and explanations!  I'll tell you that I one hundred percent agree!  This is not a risk for HIV.
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Thank you @GuitarRox for confirming! Foreskin would not change no risk factor correct?
Thanks for the good words, boys.

Any 'what-if' you may add to this scenario is not going to change the initial assessment.

Please consider seeing a therapist for getting rid of "what-ifs".
Thank you Mike. I am trying hard to keep anxiety under control as a million what-ifs go through head. I appreciate your help. I shall not post anymore obsessive what-ifs. I’m testing at 28days 4th gen test just to ease my mind.
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