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Can you assess HIV risk please?

I received protected fellatio only from a SW.

Next day I got leg muscle soreness on the back of my legs that was quite surprising in its strength.  Two weeks later I got a fever that lasted for 5 days (1 day high fever). I have not had any sore throat or nasal symptoms.   However, the fever was a strage one that was accompanied by burning sensation on face and tingling sensations in arms and head. I had reddening of face, especially the area around the nose. The fever has now subsided, but now I have a red area on my neck below my ear, on left side only - for past 2 days.  Mild burning sensations and tingling; tingling sensation on the tip of my nose.

I suspected shingles (which I have never had before though I do have herpes mouth cold sore occassionally).  I took valtrex (which I have for cold sores) and the neck symptoms subsided a bit.  On my neck I now have one small blotchy area that does look like the first stage picture of shingles. It is not dark or raised at this point (2nd day).   I still have a very mild fever. Previously during my fever I had some very slightly swolen lymph nodes but it was very minor, now gone.  As I mentioned, no sore throat ever- which seemed strange for a flu, though not unheard of.  As far as i know, shingles doesn't give you a fever as sever as I had.

thanks a lot

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You were never at risk. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
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Thanks for the assessment.  All the best to you.
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Hey there dmo1,

It was kind of strange, i also got a fellatio from a SW and i had the same symptoms tooo, a weird fever that was kind of weird and gave weird tingling sensations, my face also got very red and i have itchy spots on the chin area. I was also kind of worried about this and if it was hiv, though after reading this, i kind of feel better now.

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