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Can you develop ars symptoms at week 8/9

Hi again. I have another question I’m hoping someone can help answer. I had protected sex with a girl almost 9 weeks ago and wore a condom but she was also on her period. Her blood was covering the condom and was on my groin area and the base of my penis.  I didn’t check the condom after finishing and taking it off so not sure if it tore or broke because I was so distraught at the sight of blood I didn’t do a water test after sex. Would I know if it broke, could I see or realize it while taking it off despite being nervous at the sight of blood? I’ve been freaking out and asked her to take an hiv test on exactly the 54th day after the event and it was a combo test drawing blood from her vein. The result was negative/non reactive . Is she still in her window period or can I put this event behind me or do I need to test now? I’m  Nervous now at almost 9 weeks past the incident because I have a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat for almost a week now. Is this ARS?
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Seek therapy for your anxiety which is a bit of a mental health problem at this point. You were told the window is 4 weeks, but you have ignored all of the previous advice, including window period,  and asked again today.

Here is the answer to any question you can think of. "Reread about 3 and dead, then realize it is time to move on instead of more of the same questions. She told you it was latex but if you don't believe her take a duo test after 4 weeks."

Here is what you wrote last time.
"Two more questions then I will leave this alone. "

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Thank you for your response.  I will follow your advice and seek therapy regarding my phobia. I don’t mean to be rude, waste your time or ignore your advice. I asked because I see conflicting information about the window period. Some information says 90 days others say half that time or less. I just wanted clarification on the window period specifically for the duo test. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.
The first step to peace is to stop googling cold turkey and the second is to stop examining your body cold turkey.  
You had zero risk and didn't accept any of the advice before so I'm not sure why you want more.
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