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Can you get HIV from sex with a transgender?

A condom broke during sex with a transgender (men to women with complete sugery).  Basically 4 strokes happened after the condom broke with ejaculation, by then it was too late.  Total exposure was about 10-15 seconds without protection.
2 questions:
Can a transgender produce vaginal fluid that would transmit the HIV virus?
What is my risk for contracting the HIV virus?
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Tell me you are joking? Of course you can get HIV from a transgender and for your information transgender means male to female or female to male.
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Sorry, yes male to female transgender, and no I wasn't joking, I wasn't to sure how the mechanics work after surgury, its hard to find the exact information.

What about my risk?
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You were protected until your condom broke and add that it was a short period of time makes it less. The only way to know your status is by testing and in your case for both STDs and HIV. STDs is a lot easier to contract than HIV. Anyone that is sexually active should at least test annually.
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