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Can you get a false negative on conformation testing

I had unprotected vaginal exposure with csw im a man on march 4th 2018 it was no more then 10 seconds as when she went to sit on me i pushed her off because there was no condom and left.  At 9 days i took a hiv rna tma test it was negative then i took two rapid 4th gens at 54 and 75 days at VA hospital . When i went to take my 90 day test at a lab on june 2nd 2018 it came back positive but then they ran a conformation test and it was negative so am i done or should i keep testing my symptoms are sore throat for 3 months muscle joint pain lymph node inflammation in neck and underarms and peeling hands my doctor acts as if im bothering him when i try to make appoitments so im just curious has this happend to anyone any advice is appreciated
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I went through the same thing. I did testing every two weeks and all have came back negative up to the 90 day mark. The symptoms that I have experienced were swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck. Possible inflammation under my arm pits as well. I've had some night sweats but all my STD panels have came back negative. Although a false positive is possible but your conformation test overrules any test you've taken before that. Test will always overrule symptoms. Your medical issue is being caused by something else. Not HIV.
Thanks i appreciate you for responding to my post i got my fasle positive results this morning so i extremely distraught but the conformation test was negative so im just grateful so you dont think i should test anymore
No.  NO MORE testing.  The confirmatory test proves you don't have HIV.  Time to forget about it and move on.
Thank you for your help both of you i will do just that
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