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Can you get hiv from stepping on a piece of glass with fresh blood ?

Is it possible to catch hiv from walking barefoot over broken glasses where other people are walking. The person before me cut his foot on it and I walked over it like instantly, not even a second difference. Like the difference between me and another person is less than 1 second. And we are all bleed a little bit. Like the difference was less than 1 second. If possible the explain the reason too.
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Can anyone else confirm. I just need a bit of reassurance.
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You've been reassured plenty.  The information given is accurate and you had no risk. Nothing left to say.
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What you are describing  is a contact with a external surface. In more than 40 years of history, there has never been a single case of infection from a external surface, regardless on the presence of infected fluids.

HIV does not survive for so long outside the body. How biology works does not really matter. The only ways HIV is spread are:
-unprotected vaginal/anal penetrations.
-sharing needles to inject drugs.
-mother to child.

You could think that a external surface works the same way as a needle, but it is completely different, as inside a needle, a infected fluid is not contacting air, so virus can survive for longer.

All the best.
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Thank you so much. So time doesn't matter at all ? It just need to be outside the body to be non infectious ?
That is correct.  Encountering blood in the environment (on any surface) is of NO risk to you at all.
Thanku so much. You relieved a lot of my anxiety.
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