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Can you hive me answers to ease my anxiety l

Hello Doctor, I am sincerely hoping you can give me a sense of relief because the past 2 months have been a complete NIGHTMARE for me. Let me start by giving you the full story. On May 5 I had unprotected oral sex with a guy that lasted for about 2- 3 minutes. he did not ejaculate but I am unsure ofthe pre-semen. He then penetrated me unprotected for about 1-2 minutes in which I stopped him and made him put on a condom. After we were done, he removed the condom and cleaned himself up he and then penetrated me again for about 1-2 minutes.Which I again stopped him because he did not have on a condom. I am unsure if any semen or pre-semen entered my body which has me going nuts! about 3 weeks later I had diarrhea. I am lactose intolerant so I sort of thought it could be from that so I did not worry about it. On June 4th The day before my birthday, I noticed I had a sore throat and dry cough with a very low temp. I immediately scheduled a visit with my doctor as I was really nervous. I had a slight fever and asked my doctor to perform an STD test. When I got my results back I tested Syphilis - Negative HEP B - Negative Hep C = Negative HIV = Negative HSV 1 Negative HSV 2 Positive Although I tested positive for HSV 2, I thought I was okay as for the HIV results, however, I read that there was a window period and I would need to retest. As time went on I started to have a very upset stomach gassy bloated and diarrhea. It went away for awhile but occasionally comes back. I went to the dentist because of infected wisdom tooth and they prescribed me Clindamycin which I developed thrush and more diarrhea I was told that this was possibly due to the meds. I also have had dry mouth which I also heard could be from the meds as well. My Period for this month is noticeably lighter than normal which I am freaking out about. I never got a rash or anything or that I have noticed. About a week ago my husband (Yes I am married which I feel HORRIBLE About)started having diarrhea with an upset stomach. I noticed a rash on his knee which looked more like a bruise than a rash it was red and purple with no bumps and very small. He works as a contractor and is always on his knees so he could be from that and his hands are dry which made me worry as well, but he has had no other symptoms. I also noticed that I had a small swollen parotid lymph node (Or so I think)which has since become very very small, almost unnoticeable. I got nervous and decided to go back to the doctor so that she could test for HIV again. The results were still negative. My mouth is dry not and in my opinion not producing any saliva which is a major concern for me. I continuously chew gum to remedy this. I am on Klonopin to help with my anxiety. I have taken many tests to try and ease my mind but I am still unsure. Here is a clear timeline of each test EXPOSURE DATE- May 5 June 6th Lab-4th generation Duo Test Results = Negative June 23rd Lab-4th generation Duo Test Results = Negative June 29th Oraquick Home test Results = Negative July 9th Oraquick Home test Results = Negative July 12th Lab-4th generation Duo Results = Negative Husband took a test as well July 2nd Lab-4th generation Duo Results = Negative The other guy took a test as well July 1st Oraquick Home test Results = Negative , however, I wasn't the when he took it so I dont know the accuracy. 
I am currently waiting on my test i took on july 18th but they are taking reslly long to come back.
Doctor, I am truly a nervous wreck at this point because I have been feeling very tired lately as well. Which could be due to the Klonopin but this just as on to my feelings of Anxiety. Can you please please please post and respond??? Sincerely Extreme Panic Attack

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I'm summarizing that epic story to a May 5 unprotected vaginal and numerous negative duo tests later. You are conclusively negative after the 4 weeks duo test so it was abnormal to continue testing. Further testing indicates HIV phobia so I hope you can stop now.
Your tiredness is likely in your imagination from fear so if you relax you might find it doesn't exist. there is nothing unusual about the symptoms that you and your negative hubby are experiencing and billions of other negative people also experience them.
I just noticed that you are using a 3 month guideline. A duo is conclusive after 4 weeks, and the 3 month guideline that you list is very outdated.
Thanks for responding  Anxiousnomore.
You are correct our situations are different i was mainly referencing the other person being a little reluctant and suspect. But yes i agree our stories are different
And you are probably right i think it could be a phobia. However my doctor too said 12 weeks is conclusive.
Sigh so confused and then this dry mouth is so scary
It isn't a phobia if doc guided you wrong, however now you have the correct advice. Consider a different doc though.
Anxiousnomore im not dou ting our knowledge im just curious...but how do you know that yje 3 month rule is out d ated and no longer used?
Sorry for the typos typing on my phone
We rely on the opinion of expert doctors.
I feel your pain my dear. And don’t beat yourself up about it rather learn from this mistake as I’d like to call it that. I am scheduled for a test August 14th from an exposure risk on July 16. Don’t worry, you are fine. I do think you might want to be honest with your husband tho. But don’t worry, you are fine just learn from this mistake.
Africanbutter007,i was honest already with him which is why he agreed to get tested as well...believe me lesson learned! I hope all works out for you!
Thanks to you both for the kind words and the help with my anxiety, I got my results back this morning and they were HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx = Non Reactive. I think this should ease my mind for now. However, as you said AnxiousNoMore, I was good after the 4 week test. Many thanks to the both of you now hopefully I can move on from this terrible mistake right Africanbutter007 ?  (Smile)
good that u got the negative 4th gen hiv test.
Just becareful and stay safe in the future.
Zell_lin Believe me I plan to! This was a very scary experience for me. Thanks!
Congratulations to you Love_2018. I am sincerely happy for you. Be sure to honour the institution of marriage going forward. Remain negative and enjoy your life with your husband. Blessings on you.
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