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Cancer Remission Patient - HIV exposure - Both tests negative, Conclusive?

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year. Had the testicle removed with tumor. 3 months later I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman I rarely knew. Both sessions lasting no more than 5 minutes and ejaculation occurred outside the body.  3 weeks later I told my doctor of my scare and he provided an HIV test through labcorp and I was instructed to take the test at exactly 4 weeks. At exactly at 1 month, I took the blood test through labcorp, and 3 days later my results were negative. 8 months later before I began a committed relationship, I couldn't help but think I should test again to be certain. Exactly 8 months later I used an Oraquick home test. Those results were negative as well. The only thing I can think of an error with the Oraquick test is having a sip of water 10 minutes before I used the gum swab. Lastly, to add to this, I regularly receive cancer screenings on a monthly basis through blood testing. Is it safe to say my negative result is conclusive?

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Hi, if the instructions said no water then it could affect the test but any negative is a good sign. Retest if your concerned.
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Oraquick had a line next to the "C" and nothing next to the "T". If I retest with oraquick, can I trust it's results if done 100% correctly?
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To add to my story, the 4 week test I was given was PCR DNA
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