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Cannot Accept Negative HIV Status

Hi there -

Back on June 8th of this year, I had oral sex with a man and he came in my mouth (about a teaspoon). I spit it right out but could still feel tingling on my lips and under my tongue. Afterwords I realized that I barely knew his sexual history so I texted him asking him if he had ever gotten tested for HIV. He quickly responded "Hey, yes, I actually went to get the Oraquick test two weeks ago and it was negative." He even offered to show me the paperwork via text message photo, and he was right, it was negative. I asked him why he didn't tell me he was getting tested and he said "I don't know, it's just something I do." I guess no news is good news. His past partners appear to be nice women and/or girlfriends.

The reason I am so concerned is because I think I feel really guilty (he ended things with me shortly thereafter), and he didn't seem like the most trustworthy person (always made excuses). But mind you, he seems to be very conscious of getting tested for HIV yearly (he is a teacher and obtaining his masters, so I would say he is a pretty smart guy). People are also assuring me that contracting HIV via oral is very low risk, especially since my dentist always tells me I have a very healthy mouth and gums. But I know he has had unprotected sex before since he told me that. We never had unprotected intercourse. Just unprotected oral sex.

I went to the doctor's on Friday, August 29th, and got an HIV blood test done. I called today and asked them what kind of test it was and they said it was a Enzyme immunoassay (EIA) test. I just researched the window period for this type of testing and an article said: "20 to 22 days for third-generation enzyme immunoassay (EIA) tests, which detect HIV antibodies." (Source: http://www.bcmj.org/bc-centre-disease-control/don%E2%80%99t-wait-test-hiv)

Everyone always makes a big deal about the "3 month window period"....going on the 29th was just about a week shy of the "3 month window period," so I think that is why I am concerned. Would just ONE WEEK be a defining factor? I would think not, but can't be sure. I'm still a little anxious about it.

I have been very anxious and worried over something that I'm pretty sure I don't have. Maybe it has to do with guilt and the fact that he "dumped me"....Any input or reassurance would be most appreciated!

Thank you so much,
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Also, the doctor's EIA test came back negative. I got the letter this Saturday the 6th.
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One week here or there does not make any difference,,, go get tested and collect your conclusive report which will be negative, because you were never exposed to HIV. HIV transmitted through unprotected anal and vaginal sex when it comes to sexual routes
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diver58 is correct: a week makes no difference.

The actual window period for currently used antibody tests (3rd generation, using ELISA and other methods) is generally 6-8 weeks; any delay to 3 months is extremely rare even though that remains the official advice from many health agencies like CDC. The oral fluids test is an exception, with a 3 months window. Anyway, your negative result at 12 weeks for sure is conclusive, no difference versus 13 weeks.

CDC currently recommends a DUO (4th gen) antibody/antigen test as the routine way to test for HIV, which is conclusivce at 4 weeks. You could have been done with this in early July!

Negative HIV tests overrule all other considerations, such as exposure history or symptoms. You can be completely certain you were not infected. And you also had a very low risk exposure. It is exceedingly rare to catch HIV by oral sex.
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I already got tested on the 29th, and it was negative.
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thank you!!
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Is an antibody/antigen test done through a blood test? Just curious. I want to inform myself. I did some researc on it but wasn't sure
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Hi there. It is indeed done through a blood test.

Best Wishes.

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