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Cant handle this all over again..feeling really low

I cant believe I have gotten myself into this situation again. I had a scare in the past but all was ok...thk god.

I have seriously slipped up this time and have been taken completely by surprise even though I thought I was being carefull. I visited a brothel with friends and recieved an unprotected bj followed by protected sex (2 condoms) from a prostitute.

I had absolutely no concerns over the bj because I read a risk chart before the event which didnt list HIV (or any other non-treatable disease)as a risk when getting a bj. (San Fran. health dept. / also other sites have stated clearly there is no risk at all for the insertive partner)

BUT to my horror..the CDC site says there are documented cases! Then I revisited Medhelp site and saw DR HHH quoting a 1 in 20000 risk! I thought he used to say no risk?

This risk is even higher than my previous scare...

I am so dissapointed in myself right now and I am having really unhealthy thoughts. I cant live through this anguish again, I just cant.

Please tell me my eyes are decieving me...please.
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Worry about other things:  (note: in no particular order of importance)

The war in Iraq
Violence in the Middle East
Global warming
The sucky housing market
Gas prices
Hurricaine season approaching
Terrorism in general
Overpopulation of humans
Overpopulation of dogs and cats
Your job
Termites eating your house
Money problems
That Noise your Car is Making
Poor, Poor Brittany Spears--Her Head Must Itch Terribly
Baby Seal Clubbing

I'm sure there's a ton more, but I haven't had my coffee yet.  This is all that came immediately to mind.  There are so many things you could be worry about, yet you choose to worry about probably the least likely to affect you.

Worry about life, Bad_Day.  Jeez.  

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And you're worried?  

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I thought you weren't supposed to use 2 condoms.  Supposedly they have a better chance of breaking?  Due to friction between them?  Am I wrong?
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I'm assuming they didn't break, or he'd be in WAY worse shape.  Yes, 2 condoms have a better chance of breaking, but since they didn't...he had his penis pretty dang well wrapped, I'd say.

Oh, I thought of another one.  Killer bees.  
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Global warming is a scientific 'theory' not a scientific 'law'.  Just like evolution is a scientific 'theory' :)

All the other stuff is good to worry about:)
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*crosses off "global warming" from list*

Ok, I think I'll add in E. Coli poisoning.  And Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  Oh, Traffic Accidents.  
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