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Chance of infected


I had unprotected sex with a marrocan Escort . Her condition of HIV unknown . I have only 1 time intercourse .. and afcourse i was drunk .

I had elisa test after 12 Days as the country i was did not have P24 .  result negative
Then i have a Duo Quick P24 and Hiv1 and 2 antibodies on the 17 day and the 19  day  result negative
Then on the 24 and the 27 day i have Elisa 3rd generation test both negative.
My next test is on 31st day  with a  Duo Quick P24 and Hiv1 and 2 antibodies.

my symptoms  after the first i start having scratchy throat  for 1 week - then it went away . then came back after the 2n week. Now i am in my bit of pain in my upper adomen. light pain.
I have no fever . i help in general is ok . i can do my jog ever morning...
Please tell me what is my risk of contract the HIV..
thank you so much

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Hi there...

Your symptoms don't count buddy - the negative tests you have had to date are so very reassuring.

All you need to do is a Duo blood test that goes to a lab any time after 28 days from the encounter - this will be a conclusive result if negative. (Which I am certain it will be!!) :)

I am certain you will be fine, get the lab blood test and then move on.

Best Wishes.

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Thank you for the assuring note.. i will do my 31 day Duo test tomorrow.
Cross fingers :)

I hope this will be fine..
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Hey Ahmad well done for getting control of your situation.

I am certain it will be negative :)

All the best
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My result cam back  with Duo Combo test Negative on the 31st day test
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Ahmad - this is great news but also expected!!

You are 100% HIV Negative, - well done for looking after yourself - time to forget about it and move on now safe in the knowledge you are HIV Negative! :)

Best Wishes.

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and use condoms next time.
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