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Chances of HIV Infection


I recently made the dumbest mistake of my life and had unprotected sex (vaginal and oral) with a female in Bangkok.  I did not pay for the encounter but it happened way to easily for this to be one-time behavior for her.  As a result, I am assuming she was some type of sex-worker.

The sex lasted for 30 minutes and I am very frightened I could have been exposed to HIV or STD's.  The next morning I noticed there were some bloody tissues in the trash bin.  I am not sure if she was having her period or if the blood was from the rough sex.

I went to the hospital and started PEP within 60 hours.  At that time, I was tested negative for HIV and Syplillis.  

I plan on getting a usual STD test next week at the clinic but am mostly concerned with HIV.

Doctor, is there any real chance I can get this disease from only a 1-time encounter (vaginal and oral) and taking PEP within 60 hours?  Before the encounter, I did not have any STD's.  I am also circumsised.

It has been 8 days since the encounter.

Thanks for your advice.
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1time encounter is sufficient for contract. but as u say, within 2-4 days it can not explore.
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Are you referring to PEP which is suppossed to kill the virus if taken within 72 hours?
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first u confirm ur stutus. than PEP. stop PEP than test. otherwise Test will gve false result.
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Please see my original message.  When I went to the hospital, I tested negative, then I went on PEP.
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I AGREE everyone are ina  panic and obviuosly they think that theirsituation is misunderstood and its easy to say no risk but remember its different people your dealing with and everyone has a different reaction in a situation like this
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I think it's time to stop using the 1/1000 chance of infection stat.  New research has shown that is seriously wrong as the stat was gotten from long term serodiscordant relationships, where the positive partner had been infected for awhile.  In a one-night stand type situation the risk is much higher.  See this article for reference.  It puts the figure at 1/10.  Basically means it is a bad idea to have unprotected sex, which is what Teak was getting at and is I think a pretty obvious point.  Dont mean to freak out Mike about this, because there is of course a good chance she was hiv negative anyway in which case there would be no problem.

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I agree it's risky and that's why I'm on PEP.  Even a small chance was enough to scare my into prevention medication.

I'm going to get myself checked for STD's because if I am negative, I think there's a smaller chance of HIV infection.

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Good luck Mike.  I hope the PEP isnt too rough on you.
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How rough is PEP suppossed to be?  I've been on it for 7 days so far.  I do feel a little more tired and have some stomach discomfort, but I can deal with that for the obvious purpose the treatment is for (preventing an HIV infection).

Is the PEP side effects suppossed to get worse?
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Is there a better HIV test that can give me results sooner?  The healthcare in Thailand is really cheap relative to other countries. (ie the PEP pills cost $150 US).

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11 days after possible exposure, I tested negative on a home-hiv kit.  I know that doesn't mean that much but it makes me feel a little better.

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How can u say the u and teak know more that docters?  
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