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Chances of hiv infection after unprotected sex

Hi, I am a 26 year old male, I had unprotected anal sex with a sex worker 6 weeks back. And 12 days after exposure I got tonsillitis, I went to the doctor and she prescribed antibiotics, it came down in a week. In the mean time my lymph node was swollen, i had fever, night sweats, i feel my left part of stomach is a  bit swollen. I took a hiv antibody test at 4 weeks after exposure and it came to be negative. I told my doctor about the possible exposure but she asked me to wait for 12 weeks. What are the chances that I have hiv? and do you suggest any test to confirm hiv infection earlier? I read that early diagnosis could help in treatment.
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You had insertive anal sex which is high risk exposure.
You need to know that for insertive partner chances for HIV is smaller,but still too risky.
Listen to your doctor.Wait for 9 weeks more.
Ofcourse,you have chances to stay negative,but in future use condoms until you test.
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What sex worker would let you have unprocted anal sex? Or even unprotected vaginal?
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You shold ask sex worker.
Maybe because she does not care about herself.
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I know it was a blunder not to use condom, but i cant change the past now. And I will not do this mistake anymore. But now it is a very tough time for me, I have suicidal thoughts because of hiv. And by the way the sex worker is a man. I inserted my penis in his *** and intercourse went on for 4-5 minutes and i ejaculated outside. I spoke to sex worker recently and he says he is clean. But i really doubt that. is there any other option for my peace of mind?
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Test 3 months post exposure and it will be conclusive.
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Yes I know that 3 months post it will be conclusive but my question is if there is any other option for me? what about PCR? if i get a negative PCR does it mean I am safe? I want to start a new relationship so I want to be honest to my partner about my status. And adding to symptoms I also have oral thrush, does it mean i should avoid kissing my new partner till i confirm my status?
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You know 3 months is conclusive then it's the end of this discussion.
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This is a real torture for me, I am really depressed. I cannot eat, sleep I just feel I am infected and I must die.
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Cut the drama. I've had HIV for 25 years and I know that I am positive.
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I really appreciate you for living so long with hiv. well i want to find out fast because its a live or die situation for me, I will kill myself if i am found myself positive else i want to pursue my new relationship.
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No test is conclusive until 3 months.
Saying you will kill yourself if positive is a slap in the face to everyone who is HIV positive and living with HIV.
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I am sorry if anyone is offended by that and I really respect their choice to live, but at the same time I think I have a right to choose to live or die (not legally though).
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