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Chicken pox symptoms in a week of possible exposure

Hi, 27 male here. i had protected sex a few backs back with a person I met online. I gave oral to her and probably had a brief moment of rubbing my penis (without condom) on her butt and between (but don't think I had pre-cum or cum then, this thing didnt even last more than 15 seconds).

Exactly after a week of the incident. I started to feel chills and fever with fatigue. The next day I had a low grade fever which ran the course for 2 days. The next day I had blisters coming up all over my body. Went to doc and they diagnosed it as Chicken pox ( I never had it in my life) and I remember the doc even saying that I have started killing it already and it should soon form scabs and fall off. which It did. I went for a second opinion to another doc to check if I need to take any meds. One of the doc prescribed Acolyvior (as it reduces the impact of chicken pox on adults). I took it for a week (4 every day). in a few days I saw the blisters scab and fall down as of chicken pox. But what I also saw was a small black dot coming up on my right thumb. I didnt notice it then. I was fully recovered from the blisters in a week's time. But had chills in the next week (during evenings). The third week, I didnt feel anything. However, I started to take Liv-52 tablets as my friends told chicken pox might have affected my Liver. The next day I saw grey vertical lines on my thumb, index finger and left toenails. The lines are only on the nail and not on the bed. I saw it moving the skin out from the nail.No other symptoms. after 4th week. infact the lines have not darken.  

I was so scared as hell and took the Icare rapid home test at 52nd day (7 weeks and 2 days after possible exposure) and it came out negative. I spoke to the gal and she says she is clean.

I'm very worried here. Can a test at 7th week turn positive on the 12 week? Please advise.

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You never had an exposure..

HIV is transmitted by;
Unprotected penetrative anal and/or vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug users
Mother to child
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Thanks guys appreciate it :-).
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protected sex is what the word says "protected"
HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host, except under laboratory conditions. HIV does not survive in the open air.Hiv can only be transmitted through :
-unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration
-from mother to child
-by sharing drug works
Keep calm and stay safe :)
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btw. I was so stressed during the exposure due to work. Now, my question here is.. as I have taken Acylvoir.. will it make it late for my produce antibodies to be detected?
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