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Chickenpox on Shaft and Condom Slippage

    I am a 25-year old boy from China. I am very ugly. No girl likes me. I don't want to masturbate too much. So I did a very stupid thing two weeks ago. Now I am scared and regretful.

    Two weeks ago I had sex with a prostitute. I was very nervous, so my pennis didn't erect very well and was a little soft. Then she helped me to wear a condom. And then I put my soft pennis inside her vagina and had sex.
    I was not enjoyed at all and my pennis was soft during the whole process. sexual intercourse lasted for 10 minutes. I didn't eject.
    When I pull my pennis out, I found that the condom slipped 50% which exposed 50% of my shaft ! ! ! !
    I was frightened, so I went back home quickly and observed my pennis very carefully to make sure there wasn't any wounds on the uncovered part of the shaft. And finally I found out there is a small chicken pox or maybe pimple on my 50% uncovered pennis shaft ! ! ! !
    The size of the pimple is 1mm.
    The pimple on my shaft was uncovered and exposed to the prostitute's fluid during sex, so I am afraid that the hiv might have entered my body through the pimple ! ! ! !

    So the question is
    1. During sex, uncovered pennis shaft with pimple on it, will this put me at risk of HIV ?
    2. Am I at risk of HIV?
    3. Should I get test for HIV?

Thank you very much ! ! ! !   Your answer will be great help for me !
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You had no HIV risk.
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Many thanks for your answer !
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