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Clarification on Safe Activities

I completely understand that the position of the Medhelp community is that oral sex in all its forms—giving, receiving, swallowing semen or not—poses zero risk of HIV transmission. And that this position is supported by both studies and the opinions of experts like HHH and EWH. So I ask the following questions in an effort to guide my future choices so I can remain safe.

Given the above, does this mean that from an HIV standpoint that I can safely perform oral sex (including swallowing) without concern or testing regardless of my partner selection—say with other men that I do not know well or transsexuals SW, etc.? The answers I have seen from the community seem to suggest this would be true.

If I were to add condom protected receptive anal sex into the mix and the condom is used properly and doesn’t break, it would seem that I would be equally safe. So giving oral (even with swallowing) and receiving protected anal sex are both zero risk, correct?  

I understand that if the condom fails or is not used properly all bets are off. But I would appreciate confirmation that my reading of the community’s position is correct. Thanks.
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You have understood all that you read and are safe doing condom protected anal as you interpreted.
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And giving unprotected oral even with swallowing (from an HIV standpoint)?
You already mentioned oral is zero risk so all variations of that question can only come up with the same answer.
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You seem to have done a lot of reading so am not sure the need to still ask but the info given by anxiousnomore is very true.  Nothing related to giving, receiving or anything like that will transmit HIV.  People just don't get it that way.  Unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles are the only ways there have been proven transmission cases of HIV.  And if a condom breaks, a one time exposure is still extraordinarily low at less than 2%. So, use a condom, you'll likely never have to worry about HIV.  
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