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Cold Urticaria???/ Question for Teak


Please respond....
I have tested negative for HIV 1/2, Hep B /C at 12 weeks, 5 months and 6 months. Not to mention 2 DNA  PCR test at 4 weeks and 8 weeks negative.
However, I still have a vast array of symptoms that will not go away. Being the new one, what appears to be cold urticaria. My hand, knuckel and front of my legs get extremeley red, break out in hives and itch and burn  like crazy when I step outside now that the weather is getting cold in the greal lake region. My skin is also very dry...
I googled cold urticaria and it points out to hepatitis and/or HIV.
Now that I was finally accepting my negative results with the help pf my Psychiatrist,  the fears of HIV are coming back due to this skin reaction to cold weather. It also happens, to a lesser degree, when I take a hot shower...
Sorry to bother you again, but should i move on and trust my results? Or this cold urticaria raises another red flag towars HIV.

Your opinion is greatly apprecciated...


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thanks anyway...
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