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Cold symptoms and night sweats

Should I be concerned I could have HIV?

I got this cold about 3 days ago...
day 1 I had a consistant cough...
Day 2 i woke up with a sore throat and for the second half of this day i had awful consistant sneezing and runny nose...
day 3 i had no sore throat, runny nose, or sneezing, but I had a consistant cough the whole day and a wheeze at the very end of inhaling. My left ear was also slightly clogged at one point during the day...today is day 4 and i seem to be getting better. The cough doesnt seem as bad and i feel decent, but i still have a wheeze at the end of inhaling.

Now the part that freaks me out is the night sweats i've had the past 2 nights. It started one night ago after day 2 of the cold. I woke up soked, and pretty sure it just happened once.
And then last night after day 3 was the worst. Right when i got under my blankets i felt my body getting hot. I woke up in the middle of the night soked and my matress was as well. It ended up happening 2-3 more times through out the night, but the other times were more mild i believe.

I have had a few random nightsweats in the past couple years as well, and i don't recall being sick for those...i am the type of person who sweats very easily/hard when playing sports even though i am athletic, so not sure if that contibutes to it at all...
I also smoke marijuana daily, usually 2-4 or 5 times a day. And have been smoking it for 4 year or so now. I am 21 and male.

This all gets me paranoid about HIV. I tested negative about a year ago or so, but have seen some gross prostitutes since then...i always use a cover for vagina sex, but have recieved many uncovered blow jobs. I also kissed with a few of them with toungue involved...I know oral is very low risk supposedly, but it still worries me...I also hope i didnt break a condom once without knowing. Pretty sure that never happened but i get a paranoid easily.
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The answers you have previous received regarding protected vaginal intercourse and oral sex will not change:

Kissing is never a risk either.  You had no risk for HIV.  When a condom breaks, it's very obvious - it would be difficult to remove.
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Thanks for your answer...funny thing about my shingles scare is that i am 97% sure it wasn't shingles. It was from sitting on a bucket at work that has chemicals inside it and some of the liquid in the bucket was on top of it and soaked through my shorts to my bum. Was also a big white stain on my shorts and underwear...pretty sure that was a chemical burn, lol. Haven't sat on the bucket since and I've been good...also, the skin culture was negative. My doc seemed confused about the situation and his best guess was shingles at the time.

Also I wouldn't say its impossible to get hiv from oral sex or deep kissing...what if there was blood present in my partner's mouth?
Blood or no blood. Oral sex is not a risk for HIV. Sexually, the only way you get HIV is by having unprotected sex. Simple as that. Continue to work with your doctor for your ailments. Its not HIV.
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