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Concern about hiv with condom use. Please help me.

I am having some wheezing and chest pain and want to know if this is a sign of hiv.  Can you tell me if this is hiv related? I was with a guy about fifty days ago and I penetrated him but I wore a condom. I am circumcised too if that matters.The session only lasted about five to eight minutes. Im scared because I used a oil based lube on the condom and is know scared of microtears on the condom as a result. I told him I wanted use real lube but he refused to listen to me now Im panicking,To the best of my knowledge the condom didn't break but there's always a what if chance. When I was finished I took a bottle of water that was next to me and filled the condom with it and didn't see any leaks or nothing out of the usual. Am I safe or what? Im so scared.
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Mythical "micro tears" are not a risk for HIV.  If the head of your penis was covered during intercourse, you have no HIV concern.  The wrong lube CAN cause a condom to burst, but since it clearly did not in your case, you were protected from exposure to HIV.

Obviously, your wheezing and chest pain are not related to HIV, but if it gets worse, you should see a doctor since it could be an allergic reaction, asthma, or COVID.
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So you don't recommend me testing? Chest pain is real bad. It hurts. When I went to the Er a few days ago they drew blood. When doctors draw blood do they automatically check for hiv? Yes or no?  And is nail changes a symptom of hiv? Please help me.  
You do NOT have HIV.  Test for anything else - probably a respiratory issue - but not HIV.  Your medical problems have nothing to do with HIV since you were never exposed.
I don't get it. How are you so sure Im hiv free? And how are you so sure that microtears in condoms are a myth? Im just so scared. Also you didn't answers my questions about doctors checking for blood and nail changes.
Im just so scared.
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I'm not addressing your symptoms because they have nothing to do with HIV.  To test for HIV, you have to ask specifically for an HIV test.

I'm so sure because no one gets HIV when using an intact condom that does not burst open.  There are 40+ years of documented cases.  Fear does not equal risk.
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Ok I understand everything you said by far about the testing. But what about my chest? How long must I go through this type of pain? It's killing me.  What 40 years of documented cases are you talking about? What link are you referring to if you don't mind me asking?  Im just so scared. My palms are so sweaty right about now and Im shaking like crazy.
See your doctor about your chest instead of being fixated on self diagnosis which is seldom correct. This is not a chest forum and you are wasting your time not getting it looked at by a medical professional if you think you have a problem. btw it is easy to believe you have a chest problem just from over-examining it when you feel something is wrong - been there, done that 10 years ago, and went to ER but as soon as they said it was a non-event I wanted out of there instantly and never looked back.
OK I understand, But do hiv affect the fingernails or not? This is my last question and Im gone.
Presumably, you have Googled this and found nothing, meaning there is no reason to suspect that HIV affects the fingernails.  However, if HIV DID affect fingernails, it would not affect YOUR fingernails, because you never had a risk for HIV.
Ok Thank you.
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Your problem is you have disregarded all of the important part of the advice and effectively stated it is wrong - even though you have no medical training you are convinced microtears are possible because you are so worried about your chest that you feel the condom has something to do with it. Example - "how are you so sure that microtears in condoms are a myth?"
Until you accept the science, you will continue to worry because you were convinced you had hiv before you came here.
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When did I say that the advice is wrong? Please show me where I said that?  I may not have medical training but do you?  I never said that I was 100% convinced that microtears is possible. I just said how do we know that they are a myth. I didn't know asking questions are wrong. Im not convinced I have hiv. I just want to make sure I don't have it. If a guy say he will give you 500 dollars for standing for 5 minutes, the first thing you will say to the man is are you for real? Because you want to know the facts. Im just asking for details. I can't learn without asking for details.  
I said "effectively" and I'm sure you know the effect of putting that word in the sentence and example that I constructed.

This is not a research center so no one has the time to locate the article you or the many others seek, who do not accept the advice given. Consider discussing your situation in a one on one with your doctor. This is an hiv prevention forum and it was explained to you that you don't have hiv.
But how do you have time to answers question but not time to find the article? I don't get it man. Are you guys real doctors? I don't know much about this site.  Can you tell me if hiv affect the fingernails and if so when because I am so scared? I need to know about hiv because it's driving me crazy. Im literally crying right now because of fear.
You are not a scientist and this is not a condom physics forum so there is no more purpose in going into materials science details of a condom than there would be in explaining the inner workings of an X Ray machine if you think you have a broken bone but the hospital X Ray says it is not broken.
It is time to move on because hiv science is 40 years old and was studied extensively by scientists.
You are right. Thank you.  
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