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I would REALLY appreciate it if you could answer a question that I have. My 17 month old daughter was at a family member's house when the family member took a lollipop from her mouth and placed it in my daughter's mouth. I don't think the family member has HIV, but if she did, could it be transmitted this way? My daughter is teething right now and I am extremely worried though everyone tells me there is no way it could be transmitted. I just read an article about mothers prechewing food for infants and HIV was passed on that way. The article did not help my worries to say the least. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!!

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No chance. Dont worry. Move on.
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Hi there,

Jus wanna reassure, No risk of HIV infection.

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Don't worry your angel is absolutely fine, lets crunch the situation, if your family member was actually HIV infected, the lollipop that she put in your daughter's mouth would have possessed no threat because saliva inhibits the virus. So, the other person's saliva contained no virus to transmit and also, your babygirl's saliva was protecting her (inhibiting factors) :)

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