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Concerned and Confused

Hello forum,

I am a 45 year old man and have been married for 15 years to a 45 year old woman and we have had three children.  Lately I have had numbness in my limbs so that my hands and feet would fall asleep along with sever nose bleeds in the morning and diarrhea.   My wife has been experiencing the same symptoms but instead of the nose bleeds she has been have unusually have bleeding during her minstrel cycle.  I had mentioned this to a co-worker who jokingly said you probably have AIDS, I shook it off but then fear started setting in.  After further discussions I was convinced that these symptoms was HIV progressing to AIDS.    Would these be consistent with that?  Is it possible to have had HIV for so long and not know?  Sounds crazy, but I am a normal family man with a house, 2 cars, 3 kids a dog and the fenced in yard, so what do I know.

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Thank you sir....
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